From the President's desk

It is my proud privilege to take over the presidentship of A.E.A. My sincere thanks to all members for selecting me to this prestigious post.

Even though the prime object of AEA is to provide a common platform to share the rich experiences of our members, we cannot keep aloof from social issues. I feel AEA can play a major part in addressing these issues. We may invite like-minded associations to join hands with AEA. I invite your creative ideas and suggestions.

The world now is now unlike the past. Something new came along even as you blinked. Technological changes are inexorable and irreversible. It is pointless to fight this reality. We cannot manage the change, we can only try to be ahead of it. Act together, act with speed.

As Alwin Toffler rightly said during the fag end of the twentieth century “the illiterate of the twenty-first century is not one who cannot read and write, but those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn." ¨Remember a technocrat without the latest knowledge in his field is a big zero.
AEA has stood the test of time through the vision of past leaders and I assure you that I will follow in their trail. I am sure there are many more competent persons to hand over the mantle to in due course.

With warm regards.

Er. Unnikrishnan. M,

Architects & Engineers Association