Membership Details

Every application for admission to the Association accompanied by the prescribed admission fee and annual subscription shall be addressed to the Secretary, who will place it before the Executive Committee at its next meeting. The Executive Committee shall have power to accept or reject the application without assigning reasons thereof. The Association shall maintain a register of the members up dated at all times.

Classification of Members

Honorary Members

Persons of eminence in the field of Architecture and Engineering or other applied services can be enrolled as honorary members for definite periods by the Executive Committee. Architects 8- Engineers who have done meritorious services to the Association may also be enrolled as honorary members by the Executive Committee. Honorary members shall not be required to pay any subscription

Ordinary Members

Ordinary Member is a person who is admitted to the Association according to the rules. He shall not have resigned or expelled. He shall not be in arrears of subscription.

Charter Members

All members enrolled before the inaugural general body meeting shall be considered as charter members of the Association.

Admission & Subscription

AEA organised a product exhibition under the banner of TRIPEX'90.Alongwith the exhibition of buildingmaterials, there were seminars on various architectural and engineering projects which lasted for 3 days. Also a memorandum suggesting radical amendments to the Kerala Building Rules was submitted to the Minister for Local Administration.