Code of Ethics

The code based on broad principles of truth, honesty, justice and trustworthiness, respect and safeguard of human life and welfare, competence and accountability which constitutes the values every AEA members must recognize and uphold.

  • An AEA member shall practice his profession with integrity conscience dignity and honor and follow the best traditions of the profession.
  • An AEA member shall be aware of the principles ecosystemic inter-dependence, diversity, maintenance, resource recovery and inter-relational harmony from the basis of our continued existence and that each of these posses a threshold of sustainability that should not be exceeded.
  • An AEA member shall uphold the safety, health, and welfare of the people, protection of the environment and promotion of health and safety within the workplace.
  • An AEA member shall offer services, advise on or under take engineering assignments only in the areas of competence and furnish correct information of his qualification and experience to concerned clients.
  • An AEA member shall uphold and maintained confidentiality and respect for secrets confided in him by the clients, employers, and employees in connection with any professional work undertaken by him.
  • An AEA member shall keep inform and updated in his area of professional activity and strive to provide opportunities for professional development of his subordinates.
  • An AEA member shall conduct without consideration of caste, creed, sect, social status and shall not perform of act against the interest of the nation.
  • An AEA member shall present clearly to all concerned the possible consequences of ignoring, overruling, or discarding technological and engineering decisions or judgments.
  • An AEA member shall not directly or indirectly injure the professional reputation of another AEA member
  • An AEA member shall not accept any unauthorized commission, discount, allowance, or profit, direct or indirect, to himself in connection with any work under his charge or for any professional business entrusted to him.
  • An AEA member shall not act in manner which may injure the reputation or the image of the association or may cause damage to the association financially or otherwise.>